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Eppley Family Photos

October 31, 2017

The other week I had so much fun taking pictures of the Eppley family. We have known them for a long time now through church and have really enjoyed getting to know them, and are honored to call them friends. Wyatt and Samie have been friends for most of their lives now, and it has been so much fun seeing the two of them grow up together. I was also so happy that Karen could join us for the pictures, she is Kara’s mom and Samie’s Grandma of course. Karen and I have known each other for many years too. And she is a wonderful person and a great friend.

I would like to say the shoot went super smooth and there were no issues. But with the help I hire these days, my son Wyatt, there were a few moments that no training could prepare you for. At the same time while I did learn a lot of things throughout my photographic career, schooling, and during my internship, I don’t know if I was ever taught the best way to get a smile out of a kid; well at least not the right way apparently. This shoot will always be known as “The Poop Shoot”. And in no way is that a reflection of the imagery captured or the subjects photographed. Instead that refers to the lesson I learned on this photoshoot. If you ever want to get a kid to smile, no matter if it is a girl or a boy. (I once thought this only applied to boys, and I dare not use it in any other shoots except for when photographing my son). The word “poop” is hilarious. And if “poop” stops having the reaction you want it to have (smile or laughter), one could try the varying degrees of poop. Or the more specific versions that you may think of when you explain it in a more detailed way.

I will say I thought about titling this post a little differently, especially since I know the Eppley’s are friends, and since we already are using the title “The Poop shoot” to explain the shoot. But to be honest I wasn’t sure if everyone reading this post would be ok with that. Honestly I never thought I would be writing a paragraph or two on my blog about this. Let me finish with, it worked. And it also turns out my son is quite gifted in this area. He had Samie laughing and smiling, and for that matter all of us laughing and smiling throughout the entire evening. So thank you Samie for requesting that Wyatt come that day.

As for the pictures, they speak for themselves. It was a beautiful afternoon, with a beautiful family. I just love the small pond they have in their yard, and the beautiful willow trees they have in their yard. I will say one of my favorite pictures of Samie is the one where she is under the willow tree and playing with some of the leaves. Kara told me that day, and I hope I remember it right, that her parents gave her those trees for their yard. I just think thats so beautiful. The gift of a tree can mean so much. To be able to look out your window everyday and see something that reminds you of the love of your family. So on those hard days or days when you feel all alone, or when the weather is bad and you don’t know if you can weather the storm that feels like your whole life in that moment. To be able to look outside and see a memory, or to see something outside your window that reminds you of the love of your parents. To me that is one of the greatest gifts someone can give, a memory.

I remember growing up going to visit my grandparents at their house in Philadelphia. They had a cherry tree out back and my grandpa and I used to sit under it and he would tell me all the secrets of life as we sat under it eating the cherries. To this day I just love cherry trees, because they remind me of him. I also have a love for trees and if you look through my work you can see that. I think they are natural monuments to history. But I think most of all trees remind me to think about moments, and memories.

So Todd, Kara and Samie, I hope these pictures are not just pictures of people to you guys. Pictures that you will hang on your wall and think oh don’t we look beautiful in these pictures, because you do. But may they also be photographs that take you back to the moment when you laughed, when time stopped for a moment and we were all there to witness it.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your moments in life.



Maggie 5 Month Portraits

October 9, 2017

My Dear Maggie


Dear Maggie,

You are 5 months old now. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. You and your brother have an even more extra special bond. we recently came to understand why he gets so upset when you are crying, especially in the car even though he has on noise canceling headphones. We came to realize that he just gets that upset when you cry and when he sees you upset. It does make it for a very difficult car ride that really works on my patience, but we of course manage. You can be upset and crying and when he comes over and talks to you, you light up and smile so big. He loves you so much, and we know already that you love him.

You love to give kisses now. You have always loved getting kisses, and again especially from your brother. But now when…

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Maggie’s Baptism Gown

October 7, 2017

My Dear Maggie


I wanted to make sure you knew about your baptism. I will make sure I post the pictures that were taken at your baptism later. But for now here are some pictures of you in your baptism gown. Your Grandma Purdom made this dress for you, and told me the day we found out you were a girl, that she wanted to make your baptismal gown. Of course I was so happy that she was making it and I knew it would be beautiful and that you would look so beautiful in it. I had no idea how beautiful it would be though. And how special it would be. Grandma made your dress out of the same lace that her wedding dress was made out of. So it was extra special. You only needed 2 fittings, and it was perfect. It meant the world to me that Grandma made…

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Eppley Family Portraits: Sneak Peek

October 7, 2017

Here is a sneak peek of some portraits of the Eppley family. They are such a beautiful family, it was so much fun taking these pictures. More pictures to come soon.


Best Assistant Ever

October 7, 2017

I had a request for the best assistant ever yesterday. His friend Samie really wanted some pictures with him. This was one of my favorites. I must say although his patience was very short, because he really just wanted to play with his friend Samie, he was a really good assistant and got some great smiles and laughs out of everyone.


Maggie 4 month portraits

September 8, 2017

My Dear Maggie



This month has been filled with great moments. But most of all its been filled with moments where I find myself saying “That’s my girl”. You have been eating all sorts of foods, and lots of it. I would even be so brave to say you are a bit of a chunker, but that’s my girl is all I can seem to think when someone says that. Because why let yourself be any typical girl, the ones they always say are smaller then boys; be you. And you have developed some major chunky thighs just like your brother had. I really see a lot of similarities in the way you look like your brother, I used to get that all the time with my brother and I.

You also have a fascination with your brother, one that I am just in awe of. When I can’t calm you down…

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Maggie 3 Month Portraits

August 9, 2017

My Dear Maggie

Dear Maggie,

This past month you have grown so much. You are rolling over, you are very very vocal, and you are eating all sorts of foods. It has been so much fun watching you take in your surroundings this past month. You still smile so often but now you have started to laugh. Daddy loves to sing you a song he made out of “Sweet Caroline” and you laugh and smile when he sings it to you. You are starting to become a pro just like wyatt did in front of the camera, this month it was a lot easier to take your picture.

You like watching sesame street, its probably your favorite show, even though your dad would say Top Gun is. But for some reason we realized the other day you don’t like the count, you cry every time he comes on. Wyatt told you he isn’t…

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