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What’s In A Name

portrait image of Jennifer Stumbaugh

What’s in a name? The simple answer in my case is a total of 22 letters, 15 when you take out the repeats. But a name is much more than that. A name, when Googled, leaves a marked trail of the places you have been and the accomplishments and failures you have taken part in. A name can be given, and a name can be taken, sometimes causing quite a chaotic stir in one’s life. A name can be changed, and a name can be added, sometimes to lists, places and unwished monuments of remembrance.

My name chaptered its significance with education, art, charity, and career paths. Which when summed into those simple few words, it seems unimpressive and lifeless. So I will elaborate. After studying my various passions, as most do in their earlier years I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Following my honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, I began working towards my Bachelors Degree. After many long nights mixed with the caffeinated early mornings I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from the Art Institute of Washington DC.  

In the recent days I have had the pleasure of owning my own photography business and doing freelance work on the side. I have worked a wide range of events, ranging from Presidential Inaugural balls and events at college campuses to events with the Executive Leadership Council. I have photographed engagements and weddings; senior, family, kids, maternity, and newborn portraits; and portraits just because. So give me a call, shoot me an email and let me show you what’s in a name, Jennifer Stumbaugh Photography.


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