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Maggie 9 Months Portraits

February 15, 2018

Dear Maggie,

Wow a lot has happened in this past month. You are so much fun to be around. You just love your brother with all of your heart. Just yesterday we were at the Ash Wednesday service at church and while we waited to have the ashes put on our foreheads you started pulling Wyatt’s hair and laughing out loud. I won’t lie the service made me think I was in a circus at times. You were throwing toys on the floor as we handed them to you. You were turning around and saying hi to my friend Allen behind us. You figured out that there was an echo when I took you out of the service towards the end. And you just kept yelling things to hear the echo. But the cutest thing you did was when any music came on you started clapping and sometimes singing along. You even had some sort of clapping thing going on with Emma as she sat next to you. You are just so much fun to be around.

You still love the cats, you have stopped grabbing their fur. But instead you tend to hit them, but you are trying to pet them. The only problem the kitties are having now is you can catch them. They walk away and you crawl and chase after them, often all over the house. You also love to read books. But we have to make sure they are your books. Because you have this thing with paper. You have this radar and as soon as you see it, or I feel “sense” it you are right on top of it. And it immediately goes into your mouth. I don’t know why you love to eat paper so much. But it has become a daily thing that I have to pull paper out of your mouth. Even though we have done our best to hide it or make sure it is put away at all times.

You absolutely love Elmo and Sesame Street. As soon as the show is on, no matter where you are you will find a way to see the tv and watch Elmo. Everytime Sesame Street is on and they start singing a song, you sit up and start clapping. And your claps make noise. I have never known a baby to clap and make clapping sounds like you do. It just makes me smile.

As for milestones you are pulling yourself up on everything to stand. You are even starting to try and stand with out anyone or anything around you. You are crawling all over the place. Sometimes you are standing on your own for 10 or more seconds. You are finally showing signs of starting to sleep better at night. You are only waking up once a night. You are getting really good at feeding yourself. So you have decided that you are the only one that can feed you. You won’t take any food from me or anyone else, only when you feed yourself.

Your new favorite thing to do is to Skype or FaceTime with people. And anytime anyone is talking on the phone and you are around, we have to put it on speaker phone so you can hear or talk too. You don’t like being left out of phone conversations. Your other favorite thing to do is to wait at the storm front door as soon as we open it waiting for Wyatt to come home. You start to get excited as soon as you hear and see the bus. You and Wyatt love to play together in the ball pit in our living room. You get so excited and throw the balls all around with Wyatt. Wyatt is still the one who can get the most smiles and laughs out of you. In fact a lot of the smiles in these pictures are because Wyatt was willing to help after he got home from school. As much as you love him, I can tell he loves you. I can’t wait for the days and months to come as you two grow closer together, and as we grow stronger as a family. We love you so so much.





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