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East Timor: Not my normal blog post

December 17, 2017

Dear Wyatt

This isn’t my normal blog post, but my son is anything but normal when it comes to some things, so I figured it was appropriate for his blog.

Wyatt and I have been reading this book, Junior Genius Guides: Maps and Geography by Ken Jennings, as we go to bed each night. I’m usually the one that pushes for a more “story” kind of book as opposed to facts. But I really am starting to like this book. Tonight we ended with the activity called first and last. It’s where you name a place: City, state, country, continent, ocean, mountain, landmark. And then the next person has to name one that starts with what yours ended with. And if you can’t you’re out.

As we named places I thought about what the book said earlier in the chapter. That National Geographic surveyed college aged Americans only 70% could find the…

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