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The Sorrell Family

June 20, 2016

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I will start by saying this is Crazy!!! Adalyn and Wyatt are 2 and a few months. It has been so crazy seeing them grow, and yes just like I have experienced with my own son, time flies. I just can’t believe it though. I remember their newborn session in my studio and how I got to hold both of them at different times when they got fussy, which they really didn’t do and no I didn’t pinch them just so I had an excuse to rock them for a minute. I will say as I have in the past that I just love watching Josh and Kayla be parents. They are so relaxed and just all around amazing parents. So this time we decided to change it up and take their portraits outside.

We had so much fun and I will say my scatter-brained attention span did help me get their attention. Because I got to point out all the squirrels that came with in a 30 foot radius of where we were, there were tons. Or it may have been the same few over and over, either way we loved watching them together. It was so cool seeing their little personalities, and how they interacted together, every time I photograph them I can see it more. Kayla or Josh would ask one of them to give the other a hug and they would get so excited and do it, Wyatt especially liked giving Adalyn hugs he would get a huge smile on his face and sometimes break into laughter. We danced, explored, played the opposite game (sometimes I didn’t even realize we were playing it), climbed stairs, played with sticks, threw leaves, jumped up and down on things that made noise, picked flowers, played peek-a-boo, and made friends with a really cool statue of a guy who’s name I can no longer remember (but ask Wyatt he may know, he really appreciated the artistry), and took some pictures. I don’t know about them but I had a great time, and if I wouldn’t have been driving would have probably fallen asleep on the way home, I am not sure if my little friends made it or not, but if they did I can be certain it wasn’t long before they were sleeping once they were home!!!
I will say I am posting quite a few pictures, because it was super hard to narrow down my favorite parts of our adventures. And I’m sure by now Kayla and Josh have figured out that the pictures in this post is only the beginning, I sent them quite a bit more to pick out. With that said, I hope you all enjoy the pictures. I can’t wait for all the adventures my friends and I get into next time. Hopefully we can go squirrel watching again soon.
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