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The Phelan Family Portraits

June 18, 2016

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Family portraits can be so important. You can look back on them and see how much you or your kids or pets even have grown. Anytime I take someone’s family portrait at their house I find myself looking at their portraits of the past, and its like a super cute window into years ago. This family was no different, I loved how the kids portraits growing up were all over the walls, it was timeless. This family portrait was a lot of fun. And the kids were great, so was Bernard (their dog). Im really working hard to not make this sappy or sad, but I have become an emotional person ever since becoming a mom. Bernard is a super strong dog, he fought through and got his pictures taken even though we knew it was a struggle. And as I have one of my cats sitting on me right in front of my face, I have to laugh about how pets have a way of making you smile as they make any task you’re trying to do impossible at times. And all they want is a little “attention” or a lot of “attention”. Animals are great like that, there on your good days and there on your bad days. That’s why saying goodbye to them is that much more difficult. Sometimes having their picture around the house helps, it reminds you that right now they would be sitting in the middle of what ever you were doing, reading a newspaper, playing a game when they all the sudden decide you made need rescued from the pieces, playing attack of the giant monster dog as he lays down on top of your city of vehicles. Or my favorite “You want to work on your computer? I’ll make it easier and sleep on your face…you’re welcome.”

With that said thank you so much to the Phelan family for having me come capture these moments. You were all such a blessing to work with. And with a super sad heart I would like to say goodbye to Bernard. I know you will truly be missed, and always be loved. Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family at the loss of a true friend. I know I said I was going to try and not get sad or sappy, I failed.
So on another note, I would like to say how much fun the Phelan family was to photograph. As you will notice they are all a gorgeous family, both inside and out. When people are beautiful inside, you can see it, it radiates out of them like a beam of light. This is that family. And I just loved photographing them. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I hope you all enjoy the portraits.
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