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Maggie 4 month portraits

September 8, 2017

My Dear Maggie



This month has been filled with great moments. But most of all its been filled with moments where I find myself saying “That’s my girl”. You have been eating all sorts of foods, and lots of it. I would even be so brave to say you are a bit of a chunker, but that’s my girl is all I can seem to think when someone says that. Because why let yourself be any typical girl, the ones they always say are smaller then boys; be you. And you have developed some major chunky thighs just like your brother had. I really see a lot of similarities in the way you look like your brother, I used to get that all the time with my brother and I.

You also have a fascination with your brother, one that I am just in awe of. When I can’t calm you down…

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Maggie 3 Month Portraits

August 9, 2017

My Dear Maggie

Dear Maggie,

This past month you have grown so much. You are rolling over, you are very very vocal, and you are eating all sorts of foods. It has been so much fun watching you take in your surroundings this past month. You still smile so often but now you have started to laugh. Daddy loves to sing you a song he made out of “Sweet Caroline” and you laugh and smile when he sings it to you. You are starting to become a pro just like wyatt did in front of the camera, this month it was a lot easier to take your picture.

You like watching sesame street, its probably your favorite show, even though your dad would say Top Gun is. But for some reason we realized the other day you don’t like the count, you cry every time he comes on. Wyatt told you he isn’t…

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Maggie 2 Month Portraits

July 7, 2017

My Dear Maggie

Dear Maggie,

I want you to know how much we truly love this past few months we have had together. You have grown so much over the past month, its crazy. You love to smile and even giggle. And oh how you smile so beautifully. Your smile can light up a room. Even if it is a room that really needs lit at 4 o’clock in the morning, you light it up. Your smile is one of my favorite things, I just love to do things to make you smile. You are ticklish and usually fidget a bunch when we tickle you then you laugh after we stop. You laughed out loud the first time this month. You were asleep and out of the blue you just laughed super loudly, and stayed asleep. You love to talk to us, and love when we repeat back to you what you just tried…

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Maggie 1 Month portraits

June 22, 2017

My Dear Maggie


I do realize it has taken me a little longer to put this post up. But bare with me, you haven’t exactly been letting us sleep much at night. No matter how much sleep we get we love you with all of our hearts. The thing I will say is your favorite thing to do at this point is smiling and laughing. Your smile is amazing and beautiful. We can be exhausted, its the middle of the night, and you will be straight faced, then you will look me in the eyes and give me a quick smile, and it makes 4:30 a little more bearable. When you laugh you open your mouth as wide as you can and just laugh or giggle. And you always sandwich your laughs with tons of smiles; which is nice because with out the smiles at first we didn’t know what you were…

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Lacey: Newborn Portraiture

June 12, 2017


Welcome to the world Lacey Rae! You are a beautiful little girl. When I met you I must say I fell in love with your God given hairstyle. You have style already, and some spunk. Which is no surprise at all if you knowing your amazing parents Elizabeth and Jeremy. Lacey I hope you know how cool your parents are, and how much fun they both are. I am sure when you hit your teenage years you will argue that point a lot. Just know that they really are some really cool and fun parents. You are truly loved, and always will be. It was so great to meet you little Lacey. You are beautiful in every way!!_MG_9827-2




Maggie: 1 Month Sneak Peek

June 12, 2017

Here is a quick sneak peek of My wonderful Maggie at 1 month old. I just can’t believe how fast its gone. _MG_9871_MG_9898_MG_9934_MG_9948

Lacey: Newborn Sneak Peek

June 11, 2017

I got to meet the cutest little girl today. Thank you so much Elizabeth and Jeremy!! Here is just a little Sneak Peek at some of our pictures from today. I can’t wait to share more._MG_9757


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